The European Business Association (EBA) was established in 1999 as a forum for discussion and resolution of problems facing the private sector in Ukraine. This initiative of business people who saw advantages and benefits in the European business community acting together was supported by the European Commission.At present the EBA - the premier organisation for foreign business in Ukraine - brings together over 800 European, including national, and international companies and offers its members a broad scope of services falling into the following main activity areas:* Collective advocacy of members interests within central and local authorities of Ukraine, foreign and international organisations* A voice in the EU policy-making process through strong working links to the European Commission and the national EU embassies in Ukraine* Regular information support on developments affecting business in Ukraine, seminars and speaking events* Networking opportunities and social events – chances for the EBA community to meet informally and develop business network* Other supporting services, such as Discount System that provides EBA members with discounts for numerous demanded services and goods etc.The Association operates as an independent body responsible to its members.
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